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...Access To This Game-Changing Software Is Free When Join Rank Makers University Today!
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 Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could destroy any mental obstacles that stood between you and your dream life?
 What if you had access to the simple strategies for developing unwavering self-confidence without feeling fake?
 And how different would your results be if you totally eliminated any negative beliefs about money?
Well, here's the good news...

All of that is possibly when you kick your stinkin' thinkin' to the curb and reframe your reality.

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What's Included In Rank Makers University?
  iCue - Meet your "Virtual Mentor" who will create a perfectly personalized content experience for you based on your answers to some simple (sliding scale) answers so you can get the EXACT training, classes, and content
  Classes - An all-new benefit that you unlock as a "grandfathered in" Rank Maker. You'll get access to exclusive "classes" that are designed to help you build skills, get specific trainings, and access special material not found in the library
  Private Journaling - Now you can capture important thoughts and ideas right as they come to you with our built-in private journaling software. You'll be able to create as many journals as you'd like and track your progress within the new RMU system...
  Streamlined Social Community - that is separate from the "Training Feed." That means you can still chat with your buddies, celebrate wins, post exciting new Milestone Goals, and quickly access the trainings you want to watch without scrolling for hours looking for it!
  Trackable Goal Setting - Now you can set goals and share them into your feed for some "enhanced accountability" (or keep it private if that's more your style)
  The value of the software is more than $2,997 but you get access for free with an active Rank Makers University Membership!
Are you ready for the NEW Rank Makers Experience?!

We're excited to announce that Rank Makers University, the ALL-NEW private & customized membership experience is ready for you.

Over the past year, we've been hard at work, developing, designing, testing, and building the MOST incredible software we could dream up, that includes all of the "most desired" features we have received from YOU.
To make this an easier decision for you, I'm giving you an entire two weeks to try it out. 
If you're not completely blown away by the value the platform (and community) provides, then I will happily and promptly have my team issue you a full-refund, no questions asked.
To make this an easier decision for you, I'm giving you an entire two weeks to try it out. 
If you're not completely blown away by the value the platform (and community) provides, then I will happily and promptly have my team issue you a full-refund, no questions asked.
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Just $27 Per Month
"...still feel like being in a dream... I finally rank advanced"
"I finally achieved my first rank."
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"...I have prospected 4 times as many as before..."
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“...we grew by around $40-50K in volume, dollar-wise, in 90 Days…”
"20 prospects per week and usually getting more than that..."
Not only will you get access to the new university, you'll also get...
8 Free Bonuses Worth $3,456
Ray's "Pay Your Rank Makers Fee (Many Times Over)" PRIVATE Presentation
In this action-packed presentation, Ray Higdon shares how to grow a massive (raving) you can pay your Rank Makers fee back, then grow and scale like you never thought possible. With these strategies, you will have folks begging YOU to join your team.
Jessica's "No, This Isn't Just Another Facebook Group", PROVEN Social Media Dominance
In this ridiculously valuable presentation, Jessica Higdon delivers a complete strategy for launching your social media marketing the RIGHT you can find unlimited prospects and get them signed-up like never before. This is a must-watch training if you're looking to dominate your sphere of influence on Social media.
Kim's "Building SMART Relationships That Maximize Your Downline Quickly"
Branding and attraction marketing strategies will get you the audience, but that doesn't mean anything without knowing EXACTLY what to do next... The next step is to cultivate "profitable relationships." In this presentation, Kim Garst, shares with us some of her BEST tips and strategies on building great relationships that easily transform into new business partners, teammates, and sign you can take the guesswork completely out of it.
Ray's "It's Actually More Expensive To NOT Invest In This" Way To Mastering Your Money Mindset
This has been considered one of Ray Higdon's most POWERFUL talks...and he considered NOT throwing this bonus in. In this special presentation you'll discover a unique perspective on developing a stronger "money mindset" for attracting more wealth & prosperity into your life, so you can finally make the amount you need to support the lifestyle you've always wanted.
Ray's "It All Makes Sense Now, I CAN Actually Do It" Becoming The Most Powerful Prospector & Recruiter
We believe prospecting & recruiting is a skillset that ANYONE can discover and master. In this rare presentation with Ray Higdon, you'll be given exact instructions on becoming a better prospector and recruiter so you CAN finally succeed the way you want to. 
Jessica's "Yep, That Was The Missing Piece" Social Media Recruiter Formula
Having a great social media presence is only HALF of the puzzle. In this presentation, Jessica Higdon shares, step-by-step, how to transform a cold prospect into a brand new sign up straight from social media...withOUT spending a dime.
The "Ray Didn't Want To Include This" FULL & UNRESTRICTED Access To ALL The Video Recordings Inside The Group
Watch them anytime, anywhere. The best, fastest way to get where you know you need to be is by watching Ray's training. They're posted in the group, live, but you'll have access to ALL the recordings (I think this is crazy-valuable so I honestly may take this down) so you don't have to worry about when or how you watch.
The World's ONLY "Reward-Based Productivity Tracking Tool" Created Specifically FOR Network Marketers
Can you do a better job of keeping track of your accountability and progress? Want a way to quickly and easily input and review ALL your important stats...without a complicated learning curve? Remember, what gets measured gets done. With Rank Makers Activity Tracker, you'll basically have an accountability partner with you 24/7, plus you'll be able to earn badges, rewards, and prizes...all while maximizing your productivity. This alone is worth the entire cost of Rank Makers!!!
"Rank Makers has completely transformed my business in 4 months..."
Melissa Najor
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"It's just impossible for you not to succeed..."
Jillian McMullen
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"Wherever you are, this IS this next step..."
Michelle Culberson
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"2 new customers, and 2 new business partners..."
"Keeps me on track..."
"...has instilled confidence with me about Network Marketing..."
"The Activity Tracker pushing me to stay accountable..."
For just $27/mo (just 90 cents a day), you’ll get instant access to Rank Makers University (and Rank Makers) plus all 8 bonus gifts listed above.

Now, if I offered to give you $3,456 worth of training that could take your business to the next level, would you give me $27 to access it?

Of course, you would. Every rational person I’ve ever asked this question says yes without hesitation. 

So why would I do this? 


Our goal, with Rank Makers, was never to make a whole bunch of money from a small group of "Elitists."

Our mission, as we've said again and again, was to help EVERYONE, from the total newbie to the 6-and-7 figure team builder. 

So, we made Rank Makers accessible to ALL by reducing the price to such a small fee that anyone would be able to join.

Anyone can come up with $27 in one month to access Rank Makers.

But, even better, if for any reason you decide Rank Makers isn’t worth the small investment you’re making, I want you to keep the bonus gifts as a "thank you!" from me for giving Rank Makers a fair try.
Join Now For
Just $27 Per Month
Pay as you go with our easy "no-contract" monthly payment plan.
"I'm prospecting more and not letting the 'no's' have any effect on me..."
Jamie Haggett
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"I've rank advanced twice and more importantly, I've been able to help my team..."
Christine Oliveira
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"The tracker is helping me stay on track to crush my goals..."
"...tracker makes it so easy to report progress and see..."
"It's a huge draw in, extremely motivating...and just brilliant."
"The Activity Tracker pushing me to stay accountable..."
"They haven't taken me very serious but after seeing that..."
"I love that there is recognition for both activity and results..."
"Definitely makes me step up my game because I like to win!"
"The Activity Tracker pushing me to stay accountable..."
Join Now For
Just $27 Per Month
Pay as you go with our easy "no-contract" monthly payment plan.
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